Conceived to eliminate ecological problems related to the damming of road culverts.

The beaver depredation cone

The beaver depredation cone was designed to eliminate ecological problems related to the damming of road culverts. The cone prevents the beaver from raising a dam at the entrance or inside the culverts. The product has been patented in Canada and United States. The main advantages of the beaver depredation cone are:

Installation is fast and simply requires fixing two bolts to the culvert.

Reduction of costs and time associated with maintaining culvert.

The cleaning process is accelerated due to the fact that the cone can be lifted with the help of a hinge. This increases the water flow and hence, cleans the device progressively.

Only requires preventive maintenance cleaning in the spring and fall.

The spacing and orientation of the rods enable most fish to swim freely through the device.

The cone is an alternative to the traditional structures, which have their limits of effectiveness.

The cone is a structure made of resistant metal which can be fixed permanently on metal, concrete or PVC culvert pipes. Furthermore, culverts can be circular or oval and of any diameter.

A scientific study on the beaver depredation cone was conducted in 2000-2001 on 37 problematical culverts of all sizes. All culverts in the study were located in favorable habitat for beavers, where problems were recurring annually.
The results of the study are:

An average 88 % reduction of cleaning time was observed in 5 months after the laying of the cone.

In 89% of cases, a single routine cleaning of cones was performed preventively in fall.

In 76% of cases, less than 10 minutes of cleaning cone (or culvert) were necessary for 5 month follow-ups.

In extreme conditions, 75% of the culverts were gradually abandoned by beavers after laying the cone.

In all cases, the cone favored the run of most fish species.

Biologiste-MFleury inc. does not produce the beaver depredation cone, but offers to public the possibility to have limited production rights for the manufacture of cones. A simple agreement is signed between Biologiste-MFleury inc. and the client before sending the manufacture details. Production rights are 50$/cone.

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