Biologiste-MFleury inc.

Biologiste-MFleury inc. is specialized in environmental assessments, rehabilitation and restoration of wildlife and fish habitats. Marc Fleury - Biologist has extensive expertise initiated in 1994 in order to offer you the following services.
Lakes shorelines and riparian strips surveys, identification of high water mark and water quality analysis
Forest, watercourses, wetlands and soil surveys prior to residential or commercial development
Environmental site assessments (Phase 1) for soil contamination
Preparation of request for environmental authorization certificates.
Rehabilitation and restoration of fish habitats and spawning areas
Wildlife habitats surveys, conception of plans reconciling forest exploitation and habitats conservation
Production of expert testimonials that can be used for legal proceedings
Wording of authorization certificates for works in environmental constraints asked by ministry.
Rehabilitation and restoration of fish habitats.
Study of wildlife habitats, conception of plans for forest exploitation and habitats conservation.
Production of expert viewpoints that can be used for legal proceedings.

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